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As you indulge in holiday calories, add some of these popular winter foods that will make you sweat it off and increase your metabolism. While these foods will not make you lose weight, they can be used as preventative measure. Sweating is good for you, including your skin. So let’s eat some of these goodies over the next four weeks.

Chilies and Peppers:
oh yeah, spice it up. Chilies and peppers contain a chemical called capsaicin that will increase your body temperature, make you sweat and increase your metabolism, helping you digest and process foods much faster. Add these babies to your holiday meals, including chicken wings, turkey stuffing, ham plates and anywhere else you think they may compliment your holiday recipes.

Hot Soups:
Hot soups are a great way to start sweating off the extra holiday calories. These can be temperature hot or made with spices to make them taste hot. Whatever you can handle, make sure you add a hot soup or two to your holiday meals.

When your body gets hot, your blood vessels dilate so that more blood can pass through them close to your skin’s surface, helping to dissipate heat. Eventually, you also begin to sweat. Alcohol has a similar effect on your body. When you drink a glass of alcohol, your blood vessels widen, according to the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Alcohol Studies and Education. And if you drink enough, you will definitely sweat. Just be sure to drink cocktails that are already low in calories and sugars.

This may only work for those of you who are not used to caffeine. If you drink caffeine every day, well this may not make a difference other than suppressing your appetite a bit. But for those of you who never drink caffeine a good espresso or double-shot latte will definitely make you sweat and increase your metabolism. Plus, you’ll be so wired, you’ll whip up that holiday meal in no time and that is never a bad thing.

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