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How to Rejuvenate Your Eyes with Dr. Tirgari

Eye Rejuvenation Treatments We Offer

The eyes are often the first thing that people notice when they first meet and speak with you. No matter what social situation it is, it’s considered good etiquette to look others in the eyes when you’re talking. For those who have aesthetic concerns with their eyes, we offer multiple treatments to help you have a rejuvenated appearance. There are a few different types of cosmetic concerns that affect the appearance of the eyes, these include:

  • Dark circles
  • Deep hollows
  • Sagging skin
  • Extra skin

If you suffer from any of the above aesthetic conditions we offer treatment options to help. Below we briefly outline these treatments.

Why Choose Us?

  • At Avalon Laser, we offer the best in aesthetic technology and utilize the latest protocols to achieve superior results.
  • There is always a doctor onsite and our staff are trained and certified in the procedures we perform.
  • We are a boutique, luxury, non-surgical cosmetic facility with a private, serene atmosphere.

How do we rejuvenate the eyes?

Eye Rejuvenation Treatments at Avalon Laser in San Diego & Carlsbad


For those who have deep eye hollows, we offer dermal fillers such as Restylane to fill the hollows. We also have a proprietary 'non-bruise' method using injection cannulas which offer a much safer and cosmetically-pleasing option that doesn't have the bruising associated with other injection methods.


For those who have extra skin around their eyes, we offer Thermage. Thermage is the state-of-the-art procedure that treats loose skin in both the lower and upper eyelid. Unlike other methods, Thermage can treat the loose upper-eyelid as well for an overall toning that few other treatments can match. For this procedure, we numb the eyes and then insert a special contact lens in each eye, which allows the procedure to be completely pain-free. The tightening continues for six months after treatment. There is virtually no downtime with this method and typically only one treatment is required to produce satisfactory results.

Vivace RF-Microneedling

This Vivace RF-microneedling treatment option can be used for those who have saggy skin under the eyes. The entire face is usually treated so that the loose eye skin is targeted in multiple directions for best results. The expected downtime is only one to two days and tightening continues for six months after the treatment. With the addition of PRP (platelet-rich plasma), the results can be greatly augmented via stimulation of collagen-building for lasting results.

Fractional CO2 Laser

The fractional skin resurfacing method also helps tighten saggy skin under the eye and also helps reduce dark pigmentation. With a recovery of only two to three days, this treatment can help address loose skin and pigmentation. One treatment is usually enough for satisfactory results.


Dermapen skin tightening allows for skin tightening and the improvement in skin texture at the same time, especially for loose skin under the eyes. The downtime is minimal for this procedure and two to three treatments are usually optimal for best results.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

IPL and brightening peel methods are predominantly used to treat dark eye circles around the eyes by targeting dark pigment via a laser and the superficial pigment with a brightening peel. Recovery time is generally two to three days and three to six treatments are generally recommended to achieve best results.

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