Do You Want To Enhance Your Jaw Without Surgery? Talk To Us.

If you feel your jawline has a detrimental impact on your facial appearance, you may have considered surgery – but with modern injectables, you can enhance your jawline for a more attractive look. At Avalon Laser, we offer custom jaw augmentation procedures with Juvéderm Voluma, a long-lasting facial filler often used for cheek augmentation.

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What Can Non-Surgical Jaw Augmentation Do For Me?

This custom, non-surgical treatment can resolve any of the following aesthetic concerns:

  • Asymmetrical jawline
  • Lack of jaw definition
  • Sagging at jawline due to aging skin or weight loss
  • Small jaw
  • Receding chin
  • Lack of jaw projection

Facial Attraction: It’s All About Balance.

Facial attraction is based upon the balance between the features, along with facial structure. Unfortunately, a jaw that lacks adequate projection, size, or shape can detract from your most attractive features. To create a more aesthetic facial appearance without surgery, you can enhance the volume at your jawline with carefully-performed injections of a long-lasting facial filler. As with any facial enhancement, the beauty of the results is based upon the skills of your injector – and at Avalon Laser, our expert injectors are certified and qualified to perform this custom procedure.

Enhance Your Jawline Without Surgery

If you feel that lack of size, shape, or projection of your jaw leaves your face looking less attractive, you can achieve results without surgery. Both men and women may seek this alternative method of jaw augmentation.

Jaw Augmentation For Men And Women

Men may want to achieve a masculine, more “chiseled” jawline, while women may want to add subtle volume to create a more defined, youthful jawline. The results can be a stunning enhancement for your facial profile, a subtle change that creates a far more appealing look. However – the procedure must be performed with delicacy, care, and an artist’s eye for facial balance.

Am I A Candidate For A Non-Surgical Jaw Augmentation?

If you are in good overall health, you are a likely candidate for this fast procedure – with results that can be life-changing. Imagine looking in the mirror and no longer being plagued by a weak jawline but now seeing a defined jawline that draws the eye to your best features – we can help you have that experience.

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Why Choose Avalon Laser For Jaw Augmentation?

At Avalon Laser's MedSpa in San Diego, you will discover a center that delivers superior results in non-surgical face and body enhancements. The benefits of visiting our private, luxury center include:

  • Treatment performed in a private, luxury non-surgical cosmetic facility.
  • We offer the widest array of advanced cosmetic treatments, delivered by experts in the field of facial enhancement.
  • There is always a doctor on site: Dr. Reza Tirgari.
  • We are ahead of the curve, offering the latest developments in aesthetic technology available in the USA.
  • We utilize the latest protocols to achieve superior results.

Find Out More About Our Non-Surgical Jaw Augmentation Treatments.

Our patients who have undergone this procedure are extraordinarily happy with the results – not only has the problem of a weak, undefined, or receding jawline resolved, no surgery was needed. Meet with us to find out more – you are invited.

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