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But the situation is not hopeless. Avalon Laser is committed to helping you afford the right procedure. We will work with you to find a solution that fits with your budget and works for all parties. If you have questions about the cost of an Avalon Laser treatment, please call us today at 619-494-3944.

Options for Affording Treatment

With few exceptions, cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance plans. You'll want to check with your insurance company to get a conclusive answer, but you should expect to pay out of pocket for your treatment.

And if you're like many clients, the full cost of an aesthetic treatment is not immediately affordable. This is OK – it doesn't mean that you're out of luck.

Avalon Laser works with financing companies to provide affordable, reputable options. In most cases you can finance your procedure, allowing you to undergo treatment and pay it off over an agreed-upon period of time. We have two main methods of financing:

Avalon Laser Financing
Avalon Laser Financing

CareCredit is a financing organization that provides loans so patients can afford cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments. You'll have the chance to apply for financing and receive immediate word on approval. The terms of your financing plan will depend on a number of factors, including your credit history. In some cases, you can sign up for an interest-free, six-month financing plan. Prosper Healthcare Lending is an alternative to high-interest credit cards.

Avalon Laser Financing

In an effort to make care accessible to all of our patients regardless of their financial situation, we’ve partnered with Parasail to find patient‐friendly payment plans that fit their needs. Parasail is a unique lender in the field of medical loans. Unlike credits cards, Parasail has fixed interest rate loans based on your financial information, no fees and affordable payments that can be spread out monthly to fit your budget to ensure that you get the care that you need.

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