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Whose Idea Was This, Anyway?

In San Diego, where the weather is fine, hair removal is essential if you’re sporting shorts or a skirt. When you nick yourself shaving or grit your teeth while getting a bikini wax, do you ever wonder where our culture’s obsession with hair removal came from? I mean, have women always had to endure this kind of discomfort just to fit an ideal, someone’s idea of the perfect lady? The answer is, sadly, yes. But women weren’t alone! Men in certain cultures also endured the pain of hair removal.

The Laser Hair Removal Institute states that hair removal is thousands of years old, and was popular in ancient Egypt. As a way to demonstrate social standing, pharaohs, queens and other nobility removed all hair, including the eyebrows. A hairless body was desirable for both sexes, not to mention the fact that it helped to cut down on the creepy, crawlies – i.e. lice. When you think about it from that perspective, shaving it all off doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

The Ideal Lady

Let’s fast forward to the women of this country, whose Victorian influences saw them buttoned up and corseted from neck to toe; when did they start depilating? Apparently it all began when women started to dress in less, daring to bare more. Suddenly, unsightly leg and underarm hair became a faux pas. The body itself became the fashion, as women ditched their Victorian influences and took a corset-less, full breath of air.

Three Cheers for Technology!

Modern science and technology makes hair removal so much better. Thankfully, we don’t have quacks on the corner pedaling “dream hair removal creams” that really contain acid that burns skin. We have safe waxes and razors as well as laser hair removal, such as what you’ll find at San Diego-based Avalon Laser.

About Avalon Laser

Avalon Laser is a medical spa that specializes in laser hair removal. San Diego residents and visitors can rest easy knowing that fourth-generation doctor, Dr. Tirgari, is on the case. His knowledge and experience using lasers for cosmetic and esthetic procedures, plus his ability to customize laser treatments to your skin type make him one of the most sought after physicians for hair removal in San Diego and the surrounding areas. Dr. Tirgari uses both thermal energy and radiofrequency lasers to safely and effectively remove hair on all skin colors and ethnicities.

Call 800-896-1138 to schedule a consultation, or visit the website to learn more about laser hair removal in San Diego.

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