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For most of us, laser hair removal seems like a luxury. But is it? Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe you’d have that extra cash if your personal hair removal methods – like shaving in the shower or bath – didn’t drain your income? Showers and shaving consume thousands of gallons of water and valuable energy each year. Over the course of seven years, a daily shower adds up…to 2,555 showers. That’s a lot!

Add It Up

Add the cost of your razors (approximately $20 for an eight-pack of replacement blades) and shaving cream. Then add up how many times a week you shave your legs. Time yourself shaving. How long does it take, on average?

Minutes Do Make a Difference

According to Rochester Public Utilities website, shaving a minute off your daily shower decreases your water consumption by 13 percent. Over time, that adds up! Shaving your legs in the shower eats up minutes, typically three to five. Depending on your showerhead, you could be squirting out 2.5 to eight gallons of water each minute. in Southern California, drought conditions limit water use. In Mission Valley, your water conservation can curb your hair removal. And remember, hot water costs more than cold since power is needed for that heat. It’s amazing to think about how much hair removal is costing you!

How Much Would I Save?

Say your shower uses five gallons a minute and you shave for five minutes, three times per week. If you nixed hair removal, you’d use 75 gallons less each week, putting your yearly reduction at 3,900 gallons (using 52 weeks per year). Mission Valley Power states that 37 percent of your hot water consumption comes from your shower. Electricity-wise, reducing a 10 minute daily shower to five can save you approximately 10 dollars a month. Contact your utility companies for exact numbers.

Enter Avalon Laser

Now laser hair removal sounds more like a smart investment. Enter Avalon Laser and Dr. Tirgari. Avalon Laser is a medical spa with decades of experience in laser hair removal. Located in San Diego, it also serves Mission Valley and its surrounding communities. Dr. Tirgari comes from a long line of physicians, and specializes in Cosmetic and Aesthetic medicine. His expertise lies in his experience with several laser types, finding the perfect blend to suit any skin type or ethnicity.

Mission Valley is a warm, sunny place, so laser hair removal can take the hassle out of your daily routine. You can be beach-ready, little black dress-ready or just cut down on your utilities each month with laser hair removal.

Ladies of Mission Valley and San Diego, schedule your laser hair removal appointment today. Call 800-896-1138 to schedule a consultation, or visit the website to learn more about laser hair removal San Diego treatments.

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