What To Expect After A Chemical Peel

    You’re well on your way to improved skin tone and texture! But, before your new, rejuvenated skin can make its debut, there are a few experiences to note, so you’ll know what to expect after a chemical peel.

    Chemical peels give you a refreshed look by removing bacteria and dead skin cells, surface scars, surface lines, wrinkles, and in some cases, sun damage. The treatment removes the thin, outermost layer of your skin to bring dull, lifeless skin back to life. It also stimulates collagen production.

    One chemical peel is good; several chemical peel treatments over time, as directed by your treatment specialist, can dramatically improve your skin's look and feel.

    The Healing Process

    Healing lasts for two weeks, and following the instructions closely will ensure the best results. Here’s what you can expect during the healing period:

    The Healing Process table

    The Peeling Is Normal

    When you have a chemical peel treatment, the outer layer of skin that interacts with the chemical will peel off. Your new tone and texture of your fresh skin will then be revealed.

    There Will Be A Little Discomfort

    Your skin reacts with chemicals to stimulate new cell growth, and the old skin cells are on their way out. Your face will feel mildly irritated, swollen, and tight during the healing process for the first few days. Your dermatologist may prescribe additional pain management or recommend cold compresses to help you during the most uncomfortable healing.

    There May Be Discoloration

    To achieve an even skin tone, years of damage need to be undone. To get to the freshest skin, several layers of damage have to be treated.

    You May Notice Blemishes, But They’ll Go Away

    Your skin is undergoing a lot of stress to improve the appearance of tone and texture. When dead skin is on the outside, blocked pores are expected during a chemical peel and cause blemishes. Be patient; any blemishes that happen during healing will subside quickly.

    You’ll Need To Make Temporary Lifestyle Adjustments

    There are some changes you’ll need to make during your two-week healing period.

    Keep Your Face Cool

    For about two weeks after your peel, you should expect to take a break from your exercise routine and anything else that places you outside or causes you to experience excess heat in your face.

    Don’t Wear Sunblock

    If you do have to go outside for any reason, you may need to find other ways to protect your skin than your traditional SPF. After your chemical peel, you will not be able to apply chemical sunscreens for at least two weeks following the procedure.

    Don’t Wear Makeup

    Just like sunscreen, you can’t put on any makeup after your chemical peel. The only thing you can put on your face while you’re healing is approved moisturizers from your chemical peel specialist.

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