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Scar revision is something that many people who struggle with certain acne-causing conditions evaluate in their adult lives. Conditions like PCOS and Cushing’s syndrome can cause severe acne. Acne scarring can result from hyperpigmentation that often results when the skin begins to heal. People with these conditions have several options available to them.

Covering up the acne with makeup is the most common approach. Even though makeup works for some, others may begin to experiment with other types of over-the-counter creams to diminish the appearance of scars caused by acne. For those who are unhappy with the results of the treatment, less invasive scar revision services remain a viable alternative.

Acne scarring in adults isn’t uncommon; 20 percent of adults have dealt with acne at some point in their adult life. Scars from burns, injuries, conditions and acne can all be treated with a variety of surgical methods. Microdermabrasion and laser removal are the most common forms of scar treatment for those with acne.

Microdermabrasion removes the top layer of the skin, and the new layer of skin forms in its place. The procedure can take 30 days to fully recover from the procedure. Microcystals are released at a high velocity and polishes the skin while it removes the scarring. The new layer of skin grows rapidly and the scarring is far less visible. This stimulates the growth of collagen and improves elasticity of the skin.

Laser scar removal treats acne scarring as well. The laser is applied directly to the scarred area and removed. Laser technology can be used to minimize wrinkles and repair scarring. The rejuvenation procedure for scene scarring relies on high-intensity light to remove the skin area affected by the scarring. An erbium, CO2 or N-Lite may be used in any of the laser acne scar treatments available.

While the use of injections, skin grafting, creams and other medications can all produce results. Minimally invasive procedures for treatment of acne scarring are preferred because they offer minimum downtime and promising results. helps readers evaluate whether or not they are a good candidate for any of the acne scar treatments available. A consultation with a member of the Avalon Laser team can give the person more information on the acne scar treatments available.

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