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Most people who get a tattoo have an idea of what they are willing to pay for it. A quick tattoo with initials to celebrate a relationship, major milestone, birth of a child or a loved one passing away is something most people would expect to pay a certain amount to get. The average person probably wouldn’t expect to pay millions for a simple tattoo. What if it was unique, one-of-a-kind work of art? Kate Moss recently made headlines when she got what could be one of the most expensive tattoos ever created.

Kate Moss had an original piece of artwork created by Lucian Freud. She had the painted recreated in the form of a tattoo, which is located on her lower back and is worth $1million. The tattoo was an exact replica of a nude portrait she had painted of her in 2002. It was painted at the time she was expecting her daughter Lila Grace. Freud, one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, took nine months to create the elaborate, large painting. She sat for seven hours at a time for numerous sessions as the portrait was initially painted. The finished work was auctioned off for millions to a private collector. Should she ever decide to have it removed, it could be an expensive process, requiring well over 10 sessions, tattoo removal specialists state.

Tattoo removal in San Diego rarely works with clients with tattoos that large in scale. The typical tattoo isn’t nearly as complicated; most people get smaller, simple tattoos. The typical tattoo removal session takes several hours, and most require multiple sessions to see results. The type of ink and laser determine how much work it takes to remove the tattoo. Larger tattoos may require more than ten treatments to make the tattoos fade in color. The laser treatments on average cost about $100 per session. The right technique with the right laser creates the best outcome for the person.

Many people get tattoos on a whim without thinking far ahead into their later years in life. When the person has a change of heart, they can find a tattoo removal specialist to have the work performed. Most see results within only a few sessions when they get tattoo removal services in San Diego at the Avalon Laser location. Visit to learn more about tattoo removal. We also offer additional laser services, including laser skin-tighteninglaser hair removal and laser scar removal.

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