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If you have never experienced the transformation of a Botox treatment, schedule an appointment to try it because Botox treatment is now available in downtown San Diego.

Time takes its toll, sun, wind, hormonal changes from aging, it all adds up. One day you look in the mirror and have to look twice to be sure who is looking back at you. I used to accuse body thieves of taking my youthful body and face and leaving me with older looking parts during the night. I know that isn’t true, but it was more romantic than reality.

If you have let your youthful appearance go it is time to fight back. The best strategy is to get started today and never surrender. When I considered my options, I couldn’t face the weeks of recovery required for a surgical facelift. Taking an hour to get almost painless Botox injections in downtown San Diego seemed easy enough and painless.

The results from Botox treatment in San Diego treatment are dramatic. Schedule a short office treatment and you can wipe away years from your face. You can have results that last for weeks if not months.

Why Consider Treatments?

As a purified injection of protein, Botox is relatively safe when considering other options for your facial appearance. For a stunning aesthetic improvement that can last for up to three months, patients in San Diego have trusted Avalon for years with the following concerns:

  • Creases and wrinkles in the brows or Frown Lines
  • The “Crows’ Feet” wrinkles at the corner of eyes
  • Correcting lines from repeated facial expression and “worry lines”
  • Eyebrows that appear uneven
  • Under-eye wrinkles or other wrinkles around the eyes
  • Wrinkle lines around the lips
  • “Bunny lines” – the lines around the nose
  • The “down-ward-turning” corners around each side of the lips
  • Non-surgical brow lift
  • Correction of twitching eyelids
  • Age-related neck bands

Results You Can Expect

When you get treated, you can rest assured that you will not only appreciate your reflection in the mirror, but the positive mental lift that our patients experience when they see their reflection. Your facial expressions are important to your overall mood and mental health. There is a growing knowledge base of research around what is called the facial feedback hypothesis that we highlighted in a recent article.

You’ve given it consideration, now see what Botox can do for you and your overall health both physically and mentally. In 3 months from now, you’ll either be glad you did, or wish you would have.

We’re glad you stopped by today. Schedule a consultation today by calling 800-896-1138 now.

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