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With the variety of treatments and “solutions” now available from dermatologists across the country, patients seem to be trying something new everyday to achieve better and more wrinkle free skin and a more youthful appearance. No one wants wrinkles to appear when they smile or laugh. Others, who are weary of facial plastic surgery, recovery and side effects go though treatment after treatment – from creams to pills to oils – most with few if any measurable effects.

Today we are confronted with a million products and services that claim to be able to erase all of the symptoms of aging. Most do little or nothing, but a few do have the pots trial to make a good difference. Botox can literally wipe the wrinkles off your face. The results are almost instant and last for months before needing touch ups.

Of course, in addition to wrinkles and its use as a non-surgical brow lift or face-lift, Botox has proven to be effective in the treatment of a number of other conditions. Botox can treat areas of excessive sweating and reduce the occurrences and the severity of migraines. That’s right! Botox injections are used for more than just a cosmetic treatment.

As with any treatment, I small number of patients may experience side effects from the treatment and a test can be performed for new patients, to ensure that the do not experience any of the side effects associated with the treatment.

Some of the side effects seen in a small portion of patients include swelling, nausea, flu like symptoms, and headaches. All of these symptoms will decrease with time and usually subside fully within a week.

While the effects of Botox slowly wear off over the course of 3 to 6 months, the muscles that create frowns, through extended inaction, no longer reinforce the movements that create wrinkles during the effective period after a patient has undergone treatment. This can lead to a long lasting reduction in patients who regularly receive treatments and many patients report that the long lasting effects are permanent. Doctors hesitate to make this claim even if they believe it to be true due simply to the controversy surrounding Botox and most other cosmetic treatments.

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