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If you have thought about enhancing your lips, you may be surprised to find that the technique used to inject filler can significantly affect how much you love your new look. At Avalon Laser, our expert injectors have taken lip augmentation with fillers to a higher level. Our injectors are very familiar with the various techniques in lip filler injections and may use one or more to create the perfect look. 

Lip augmentation: The classic look of full, pouty lips.

Many lip augmentations are performed with a specialized needle. The needle injects the filler precisely into all the right places, such as:

  • The lower lip
  • The upper lip
  • Cupid’s bow
  • Vertical lip lines

Along with precision injection techniques, the selection of filler makes a difference in the beauty of the results, as filler formulas vary in thickness. A fine, smooth gel creates a soft, resilient effect that looks like natural lip tissue. The classic look of plump, full lips with a defined Cupid’s bow may be precisely what you want. Our injectors are extremely careful, ensuring that the increase in volume is beautifully balanced, not overdone.

Cupid’s bow enhancement

Some patients come to us at Avalon Laser to add subtle volume and definition to their Cupid’s bow. A flatter, less defined line at the upper lip can be transformed, creating the lovely curves that are universally admired as a facet of facial beauty. We may subtly enhance the lower lip to create a balance between the upper and lower lip. When the Cupid’s bow is higher, it shortens the distance between nose and lip, creating a youthful, refreshed look. This lip filler technique requires less product and is designed to produce a natural transformation rather than the drama of classic lip augmentation. This technique is often called the “Russian lip filler technique,” and women of all ages adore the look.

Euro-pout technique

This technique treats the lip borders to add volume and create definition at lip edges. Many women love this technique as it adds plumpness to the lower lip and volume at the Cupid’s bow by injecting filler delicately in a vertical angle towards the nose without overdoing it. If your lips lack definition, this may be your ideal technique!

Injection technique – it matters!

You want to trust your lips to something other than just any provider! Your lips are such an important facial feature that they deserve only the most professional care. When searching for a provider, look for one with a reputation for excellence instead of one offering a deal. Unfortunately, newer, less qualified, or experienced providers have jumped on the lip augmentation bandwagon, and you could be very disappointed with uneven lips, overfilled lips, or other problems. You can trust the expert injectors at Avalon Laser – we are honored to be trusted by hundreds of loyal clients who rely on us to produce exceptional outcomes in face and body enhancements. 

Thin lips? No problem. 

If you inherited thinner lips, you have probably dreamed of doing something about it but may be worried about the results. When under the care of our lip augmentation professionals, you can trust that your results will be subtle and stunning and reflect your vision for your look. You are unique in every way, and we will work closely with you to transform your look, whether with the classic look, Cupid’s bow enhancement, or other custom approaches. Enhancing lip volume can dramatically improve your facial appearance, with lips that look full, plump, and youthful.

What is the right procedure for you?

We are here for you if you want to enhance your lips but are still determining what you want. We will work with you, showing you various options and discussing how these changes will affect you. We will not rush you or pressure you – your facial look is critical, and we take all the time needed to help you achieve your vision of beauty in the best possible way. 

Connect with our friendly, talented team at Avalon Laser in San Diego about lip augmentation with filler injections. We look forward to meeting you in person!

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