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A laser hair removal treatment requires specific per-treatment preparations, which will be provided to you before each laser hair removal session. However, there are some general guidelines that you should follow before each laser hair removal session to ensure best hair reduction results.

First, please do not wax at least six weeks before your laser hair removal procedure in San Diego / Carlsbad. Waxing affects the hair follicles, making it hard for the laser to detect and destroy them. If you happen to forget and wax, it is best to reschedule your laser hair removal treatment for the following six weeks. We want to make sure you get the best hair reduction results in as little treatment time as possible. So no waxing.

Second, please do shave with a new, clean razor right before your treatment session. The laser can get to the hair follicle much easier when the hair on the surface is removed. A clean razor is very important as it will prevent any bacteria getting into the skin and possibly causing irritation during your laser hair removal treatment.

Third, please avoid sun exposure and tanning before and after laser hair removal. Any tanning of the skin’s surface can affect the pigment, thereby making the laser less effective. This is why we often recommend that our patients undergo laser hair removal in the Spring, Winter of Fall. Even though, in San Diego where the sun is shinning most days of the year, this does not apply. But the best time is around the holidays when you will not be wearing a bikini.

And finally, if you are nervous about your treatment, please avoid any caffeine intake at least 24 hours prior to each laser hair removal session. This will help your body remain in a calm state during the treatment. However, most of our patients tolerate their laser hair removal treatments very well. Laser hair removal is not painful and there is no reason to be nervous.

Our San Diego laser hair removal team will help remind you of these guidelines before each treatment session. Any additional instructions are always provided in writing. We want to make sure you experience the most comfortable and effective treatment at our San Diego and Carlsbad office. In addition, you can call our doctor or one of our nurses at any time with any questions or concerns before, during and after your laser hair removal treatment sessions. We are available for our San Diego cosmetic dermatology patients around the clock.

Finally, if you wish to bundle your beauty services, we offer a range of procedures, including Botox, laser scar removal, Fraxel treatments and much more. Please ask us how we can make you more beautiful with treatments tailored just for you.

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