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    Cellulite is a condition affective millions of women. Cellulite can show up just about any where on the body, but it is most commonly seen on the thighs and the buttocks, knees and upper arms. Cellulite does contain fat, it is made up of more then just fat cells.Cellulite can be found in the subcutaneous layer of the skin and it includes fat cells and the surrounding network of connective tissue which keeps the fat cells in place. The body uses this “protective” layer as insulation, structural support and temperature regulation. It also stores fat for pregnancy and lactation. Cellulite forms when the fat cells push down on the connective tissue.

    Velashape is a revolutionary treatment for cellulite. With the help of heat, radio frequency energy and massage it allows your body to naturally metabolize the stubborn fat cells causing cellulite. To find out more about cellulite treatment San Diego, call Avalon Laser today!