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Acne is a condition that affects millions of Americans of any age, skin type and lifestyle. Some patients are more prone to acne then others, however there are steps that can be taken to prevent daily break outs and minimize their severity.

Acne bacteria hibernates deep inside the hair follicles and is stimulated by an overproduction of oil. Overtime, the oil build up in combination with clogged pores causes inflammation and a break out appears. Washing the skin daily can help to reduce the amount of dead skin build up. Avalon Laser recommends using Prescribed Solutions Starting Up Face. This is a non-comedogenic, gentle foaming cleanser with antioxidants and glycolic acid. Glycolic acid eliminates excess oil, exfoliates dead skills cells and kills the p-acne bacteria. A sulfur booster, in conjunction with the glycolic wash will accelerate the results and over time will help clients achieve an acne free complexion.

Patients with acne prone skin are advised not to scrub the face, especially when there is an active break out. Excessive scrubbing usually irritates the skin, raptures the pimple causing the bacteria to spread and increases inflammation. Instead of scrubbing the skin, patients are advised to gently wash the face and pat dry with a clean towel twice a day.

Some acne products contain benzol peroxide, which can irritate and dry the skin. Once the skin is dry the body will naturally begin to produce more oil to hydrate the skin. The excess oil production will ultimately create more acne break outs. Using a good moisturizer with a hydrating serum will prevent the skin from drying up. Avalon Laser recommends using a Vitamin C serum, such as the Prescribed Solution Line Subtractor and a Tensage Moisturizer to hydrate the skin.

Vitamin C helps reduce the inflammation that is associated with acne, reduces the damaged caused by free radicals and stimulate the production of collagen to prevent scarring. Tensage moisturizers use growth factors which help maintain the skin youthful appearance and prevent the formation of scarring.

A number of studies have also shown that proper vitamin intake helps prevent acne. The most common is a daily dose of Vitamin A, Zinc and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. If you take these vitamins daily and consistently, you will see significant improvements. If you currently suffer from acne, please see us. We offer the most effective acne treatment procedures that are tailored just for your skin. If you have acne scarring, we can help minimize and erase them with laser treatments and chemical peels. Please visit our scar treatment page to learn more, or call us today.

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