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Rosacea is a very common chronic skin condition. There are 3 stages of Rosacea – Early, Middle and Advanced. The early stage usually looks like red blotchy cheeks (blushing) and the later stages can be as severe as open dry lesions accompanied by acne. The cause of Rosacea is still medically unknown. Some theories include microscopic mites that have nested in the dermis causing inflammation, skin bacteria, blood vessels too close to the skin and environmental agents. A photofacial treatment concentrates on treating the blood vesicles that cause the flushed, red appearance of the skin. The Sonoran Emax IPL uses radio frequency and light energy to safely and effectively coagulate the blood vesicles and also help reduce the appearance of sun damage on the skin. The treatment usually takes about 30 minutes with little to no downtime so clients are able to complete the procedure during the lunch break and return to their regular life style immodestly after. For optimal results, a series of 3-5 treatments are usually required.

Rocasea is a skin condition where the texture and tone is very uneven and inflamed. The skin looks red, irritated and flush. Different factors can trigger this skin condition like, sun exposure, spicy foods, alcohol, heat and other environmental factors. It is also sometimes known to be very sensitive so that is why an IPL Photofacial is ideal. By using radio frequency and laser energy and targeting the damaged tissue, heating it up and creating cell turnover and by treating beneath the surface you have minimal downtown and don’t irritate the skin’s surface.

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