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Human skin is susceptible to damage regardless of how hard we try to keep it healthy. Brown spots, sun damage, enlarged pores, poor skin texture…no one wants to have the look of premature aging. Fortunately, there is a remedy in the form of the specialized photofacial treatment offered by Avalon Laser.

Photofacial therapy is a rejuvenating skin blemish therapy, which can correct a wide range of skin conditions to restore the look of healthy, youthful skin. Affected skin areas are treated with intense pulsed light (IPL), which are focused along specific wavelengths. As the IPL passes along the surface of the skin, it triggers a regenerative reaction inducing the regeneration and production of new skin collagen. The change in ones appearance after IPL treatment can be comparable to minor cosmetic surgery work.

The remarkable thing about photofacial treatment is that it’s a completely non-invasive treatment option. Avalon Lasers specialists administer IPL along specific radio wavelength frequencies (RF) sending healing energy into the skin without incisions leaving the skin undisturbed. Affected areas are efficiently treated without harming surrounding healthy tissue.

Photofacial treatment is suitable for just about any part of your body, not just the face as its name might lead you to believe. IPL can be used to rejuvenate the hands, arms, chest and legs. Afflicted with Rosacea or unsightly spider vessels under your skin? IPL treatment can help with that too. The range of conditions, which make for prematurely aged skin are all treatable with a photofacial.

In sum, photofacial treatment offered by Avalon Laser of San Diego is a great option for a little preventative maintenance of one’s appearance. Safe, effective and non-invasive, what are you waiting for Southern California? Correcting the look of prematurely aged skin is just a phone call away.

Any part of the body is suitable for photofacial therapy, and it is most commonly done to improve the health of skin on the face, chest, arms, and hands. Receiving a photofacial in San Diego is particularly wise, as the fine weather year-round means that your skin is exposed to the elements far more often, leaving it at risk for sun damage and other skin problems. To correct such skin problems and combat premature aging, consult the specialists at Avalon Laser medical spa by phone at 800-896-1138 or via email at [email protected].

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