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    Many women seeking hair removal options compare laser hair removal and electrolysis. Electrolysis consists of a metal probe delivering an electrical current into the hair follicle, this damages the hair follicle and prevents it from every growing hair again. This process could be very time consuming and very painful.

    Laser hair removal on the other hand uses light that targets the hair follicle causing to stop growing hair. Since it targets multiple hair follicles at the same time the procedure is much quicker then electrolysis and is far less painful.

    Another difference between laser hair removal and electrolysis is the actual appointment time. Because laser hair removal is less painful, more effective and treatment time is shorter, we offer San Diego laser hair removal patients this advanced method.

    Laser Hair Removal VS. Electrolysis bikini line……..8-10 minutes | takes 8-16 hours chin………………2-3 minutes | takes 2-12 hours upper lip……….0-1 minutes | takes 4-10 hours Category