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    Ingrown hairs are hair that curl back in or grow sideways under the skin instead of protruding from the skin surface. This is usually common with shaving. However, it can appear anywhere on the body where the hair grows. For men, this can happen on the chest, abdomen, neck, face, underarms, buttocks and groin area from constant rubbing of clothes against the skin. Ingrown hairs are not only unsightly but also extremely painful, often causing severe scarring. Ingrown hairs can also cause skin infections and may require antibiotics to kill the bacteria. Laser hair removal can help prevent ingrown hair.

    Avalon Laser currently uses a number of leading laser hair removal technologies that combined both thermal energy and radio-frequency to effectively and permanently eliminate hair from any part of the body. Some of our lasers include Alexandrite, ND:YAG and a Diode to ensure we are able to treat all skin types and all skin tones. When two technologies are combined, we can treat all skin colors with excellent laser hair removal results. A minimum of six treatments is recommended to see a significant reduction in hair growth and to keep the hair from becoming ingrown, painful and possibly infected.

    Please learn more about San Diego laser hair removal treatments here. Call us today if you wish to schedule a consultation.

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