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Many of the estimated 10 million people with tattoos will likely revisit them at some point in their lives. The American Society of Dermatological Surgery states that over 50 percent of people with a tattoo eventually get it removed. While it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity, employers enjoy tremendous latitude when it comes to who they hire. Employers often look at the candidate in terms of how neatly they fit into the corporate culture, and for those with tattoos, this spells trouble. Tattoo removal in Mission Valley helps job candidates improve their professional image by helping people diminish the appearance of prominent tattoos.

Breakups, a new stage in life, physical body changes, or a change of heart are all potential reasons a person would want a tattoo removed. While many people feel a need to get their tattoos removed for other reasons, many adults are seeking tattoo removal in Mission Valley to for professional reasons.

Depending on the type of tattoo and the ink used, a jobseeker or professional can have a tattoo removed. Size and color are the most important factors to consider when getting a tattoo removed. The tattoo removal procedure is much more effective on people with tattoos that feature only one color. Smaller tattoos are also more easily treated. Tattoos that are larger in size or have multiple colors may be more difficult to treat; however, the available technologies have made it easier to treat complicated tattoos.

People who have colorful, complex tattoos may have to have multiple treatments in order to have them completely removed. Some can expect up to ten treatments to have them removed. The reason for this is that over 100 different ink varieties are used in the creation of these tattoos. The technology required for the procedures has to “keep up” with the different inks used in the industry.

As employers and courts view tattoos in the professional environment as an extension of dress code policy, individuals are more likely to see potential employers reluctant to hire those with tattoos. Tattoo removal services in works with professionals who desire a professional makeover to improve their chances of being hired in the competitive workplace. We also perform a range of other laser treatments, including laser hair removal. Please call us to learn more.

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