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Scarring serves as a reminder of those awkward years battling zits. For some, the fight continues even as they grow older. Modern medicine now offers an answer to those who deal with scars from acne. Avalon Laser provides multiple approaches to acne scar treatment. San Diego residents have a place to turn to that will rejuvenate skin and treat those areas where acne has left its mark.

Laser Skin Treatment

The Avalon Laser treatment is for mild scarring and discoloration from acne. This form of scar occurs as the skin attempts to heal after a breakout. The human body will always try to prevent further trauma. During the repair process, the skin grows back thicker and harder in damaged areas. The development of this tougher skin leads to what is often referred to as ice pick scarring – dimpled areas that may have discoloration.

Scar formation can build up adjacent to inflamed areas that have active acne, as well. This makes treating the scars difficult without causing more damage to the skin. Damage to areas with active acne is common due to popping. Breaking open pimples causes the immune system to work double time to reduce the infection. Scars from popping are more prominent for this reason.

Certain drug therapies and topical treatments will actually do more harm than good if you still have open areas. Avalon Laser offers a less trauma means to reduce scars. The laser treatment stimulates the lower layers of skin. This promotes collagen output to reduce scar tissue formation. The laser is an effective means of treating acne scars whether you have old pitting or are fighting an active outbreak.

Chemical Peel

The Avalon medical grade chemical peel goes deep into the skin surface to slough off the layers of skin containing the damaged cells. This exposes fresh new skin with less noticeable pitting. This treatment utilizes a medical grade chemical peel that has fewer side effects than other treatments. You will not be exposing your body to risky drug therapies when a peel reduces scar tissue without any of the hazards.

There is no need to live with the disfigurement of acne. Avalon Laser offers acne scar reductionoptions that go beyond what you can get over the counter. Whether you want to remove the reminders of teen acne or must deal with regular outbreaks, Avalon has a treatment protocol right for you.

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