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Acne is a painful condition. The deep infected acne lesions are painful and so is the acne scarring. There is help with Acne Scar Treatment San Diego.

About 80% of people have some type of acne during their lifetime. Surprising but true! Many will not have severe acne so will not experience the severe discomfort of acne or have acne scarring. Those who do have severe acne can get help not only to treat the active acne but also for Acne Scar Treatment San Diego.

Effective Acne Scar Treatment San Diego is available through several types of therapy which removes the scar tissue and also restores collagen under the skin. This serves to reduce the size and depth of the ice picking scars along with reducing discoloration to give you a more even skin tone. There are many types of treatment for acne scars including creams, medications, surgery and skin resurfacing. Some treatments are not effective and some can in fact make the scars worse. Some advanced methods have produced dramatic results in an effective and safe way to treat scars as well as treat active acne. Laser Acne Scar Treatment San Diego combines radio frequency and pulsed laser light that allows the Doctor to target the deep layers of the skin without effecting healthy cells on the skin surface. This deep laser treatment reduces the amount of scar tissue and stimulates production of collagen to fill in the scars and reduce the amount of irregularities.

Laser scar removal San Diego normally requires several treatments, but it is not uncommon to see a difference after the first treatment. Typically patients need 3-5 treatments to get optimum results over a period of several months. Don’t live with the pain of active acne or the pain of acne scarring, get effective Acne Scar Treatment San Diego and make an appointment today.

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