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There is not shortage of acne treatment options for patients in Carlsbad. Whether you are a teenager or a young adult, it is possible to cure your acne and start living a pimple-free life. Say goodbye to those ugly skin scarring and enlarged pores caused by acne with these proven medical procedures.

Anti-Bacterial Ointment and Topical Antibiotics

During the early stage of acne, simple skin regimens can be performed to help remedy the problem. The doctor can recommend a mild facial wash and an anti-bacterial cream to stop the pimple breakouts. One thing patients should remember is that they should always consult their doctor about the right medication for their condition. Even if celebrities endorse a product, it does not mean that product is the best or even the best suited for all patients. Patients should always visit a clinic like Avalon Laser for a personal evaluation of their skin before beginning a treatment.

Custom Facials

Avalon Laser is the top choice for patients seeking acne treatment in Carlsbad. When it comes popularity, acne treatment is one of the most popular services provided at this clinic. The primary benefit of choosing Avalon Laser’s advanced acne treatment is that will be able to get a treatment tailored to your specific needs. Every person has a unique skin type. Some people have more sensitive skin than others, some have thicker skin, and everyone has a different amount of oil and dirt. If your skin is delicate, Dr. Tirgari may recommend a number of alternative acne treatments for you. The doctor will design a treatment plan that will gently yet effectively cure your pimples.

Laser Acne Treatment

In some cases we encounter patients suffering from severe stages of acne. This is more difficult to cure as the skin becomes increasingly sensitive. Topical ointment and creams may not be enough to kill the bacterium that is causing the large pimples. In this case a stronger approach may be necessary to treat the pimples effectively. Avalon Laser dermatologists recommend laser acne treatment to Carlsbad patients suffering from this type of skin problems.

Lasers are often the most innovative approach in curing pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and enlarged pores. The treatment can gently reach the deepest layers of the skin while keeping the healthy areas unharmed. Patients will begin to see the difference in just three sessions and after the fifth treatment, optimum results are already achieved. The texture of the skin becomes visibly clear, smooth and soft.

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