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    Severe acne scars are typically comprised of bigger, raised areas of scarring next to areas of active acne inflammation.

    Acne scars in general are the visible remainders of tissue damage to the skin and the body’s efforts to repair the damage from prior acne inflammation. Acne scarring can also occur as a result of “popping” the pimple or picking at the skin with their fingers or other rough instruments, such as needles. With this additional damage to the skin, the body’s immune system works even harder trying to repair the damage. As a result, acne scars often occur. With skin “popping”, these can be even more prominent since additional bacteria enter the region from this activity and induce more inflammation. During laser acne scar treatment, laser energy is applied to target lower layers of the skin, stimulating new collagen growth. This helps minimize the scar as well as diminish surface irregularities. The procedure also removes the top layer of dead skin cells which can block pores. This exposes a more healthy skin layer.

    To find out more about acne scar treatments in San Diego, call Avalon Laser today.

    Laser Acne Scar Treatment can induce the growth of collagen to minimize skin unevenness, smooth skin texture and reduce the appearance of irregular pigmentation that makes acne scars visible. Depending on the severity of the acne scars, different treatments will be combined to provide you with the best results. In conjunction with a Chemical Peel, you can tackle from inside out from outside in and get the best results for a clear complexion. A Chemical Peel breaks down the outer dead skin layers, promoting the growth of new skin cells and also induces the growth of collagen and elastin. The laser treats below the skins surface, heating up and correcting the scar tissue beneath the service. 3 – 4 treatments may be necessary for optimum results.

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