Enhancing Your Beauty within the cities of San Diego, Carlsbad, Del Mar & nearby areas of California

    Residents of Carlsbad, California are very fortunate. They get to live in a gorgeous coastal community where the typical day is sunny and 70 degrees. People who live there love to go to the beach or walk around Carlsbad Village where boutique shops and quaint restaurants are abundant and diverse. But how would you feel if you were too embarrassed to be out and about? Can you imagine being so self-conscious that you would rather stay inside than enjoy a beautiful sunny day? If you suffer from intense acne than you may be feeling this way, but the Avalon Laser acne treatment facility in Carlsbad can help!

    There is a doctor in New York City that recently opened up a practice for only acne treatment. Dr. Eric Shweiger created the Clear Clinic to help people whose previous and more traditional attempts to get rid of acne had failed. His clinic uses the most cutting edge technology, as does Avalon Laser, but there’s one distinguishing factor about the Clear Clinic.

    Dr. Shweiger also has in house psychologists at his practice. Have you ever heard of that because we certainly have not! But he says it makes a big difference! It is his belief that treating the acne will only make patients look good on the outside but their self-esteem is still suffering. By having in-house staff to deal with the psychological issues of having acne than patients are less reluctant to go. We all know that causes of acne include stress and mental distress but for some those intense feelings don’t just disappear.

    We think that the work Dr. Shweiger and his team at Clear Clinic are doing is wonderful! But if you can’t make it all the way to New York we are definitely the next best thing. The Avalon Laser acne treatment facility in Carlsbad wants to help you feel better both on the inside and out!

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