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Along with being a highly-respected cosmetic surgeon in the San Diego area, sought after for his expertise in both surgical and non-invasive procedures, Dr. Tirgari has a degree in biochemistry. He has applied this additional training to creating proprietary, compounded skincare formulas to meet the most demanding needs of his patients.

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Advanced Skincare Line
From Dr. Tirgari

Compounding is the mixing together of various ingredients to create a formula for a specific patient. It requires a special expertise and is as much an art as a science. In Dr. Tirgari’s case, he has analyzed a number of different conditions, evaluated what is currently available in the marketplace, and developed a superior line of products, TirgariMD.

What Products Comprise
The TirgariMD Line?

Dr. Tirgari is constantly investigating and developing new formulations but, to date, the following have proven to be the most popular:

  • Acne Serum
  • Miracle Bleaching Cream
  • Miracle Maintenance Cream
  • Firming Cream
  • Platinum Peel

Acne Serum

Acne, at any age, can be heartbreaking. Acne sufferers often lack self-confidence and, if it is not treated properly at the outset, can lead to life-long pitting and other issues that cause people to feel uncomfortable about their looks. Applied twice a day, this serum has produces remarkable improvements for patients who suffer with acne.

Miracle Bleaching Cream

Hyperpigmentation is a condition in which areas of the body, frequently the face, take on a darker color than the rest of the skin, because of increased melanin production. While mild cases can frequently be handled with makeup, many people require more aggressive treatment to normalize the skin tone. This nightly cream contains hydroquinone, which blocks the production of excessive melanin.

Acne Spot Treatment Gel

Our exclusive acne spot gel is especially effective at targeting and removing stubborn pustules deep within the skin to help achieve a clear complexion. When combined with our Acne serum and a daily glycolic wash, our Acne Spot Gel has helped thousands of patients avoid antibiotics and Accutane.

Rosacea Cream

Our advanced rosacea cream contains multiple agents proven to reduce the appearance of rosacea. This is an excellent home care regimen to add to your laser rosacea treatment.

Hair Restoration Serum

Our Hair ReStore serum is a minoxidil - based product that helps grow new hair and maintain the hair that has been generated through our state-of-the-art PRP Hair Restoration treatment. Our serum is stronger than commercially available products and was designed to penetrate into the hair follicles for maximum benefit.

Hyaluronic Skin Care Tonic

Our all-purpose soothing skin tonic is excellent for moisturizing sensitive skin. There are no additives, perfumes or irritating chemicals, and the tonic is ideal for hydrating and soothing skin after laser treatments.

Miracle Maintenance Cream

This formulation is similar to that of Miracle Bleaching Cream, but it is less aggressive. It was designed so that a lesser-potency bleaching cream could continue to be used by the patient, either the give the skin a bit of break or when the Miracle Bleaching Cream is inappropriate for a particular skin type.

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Firming Cream

Few things are more satisfying than shedding excess fat—by whatever method it has been accomplished. By the same token, few things are more disappointing than to have finally shed that fat, only to end up with sagging skin that has lost its elasticity.

To help his patients achieve the completely satisfying end result they were looking for after liposuction or Velashape treatments (a non-invasive laser procedure that contours the body by shrinking fat cells). Dr. Tirgari developed Firming Cream, which helps tighten and tone the skin.

Dr. Tirgari’s

Dr. Tirgari is dedicated to bringing the most advanced and effective treatments to his patients—whether using surgical or completely non-invasive techniques. The TirgariMD line of products is one more step in delivering the best possible care available.

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