What Our Carlsbad And San Diego
Patients Say About Us

Our San Diego and Carlsbad patients routinely rave about the various treatments they have received at one of our practice locations. From Yelp to social media and e-mail, we almost always hear back on how happy they are with our services. Please read the patient reviews below to find out what they say about Dr. Tirgari and our team.

If you are one of our patients, we would appreciate your input. Please take a few minutes to tell us about your experience at Avalon Laser. Weather you are a San Diego cosmetic dermatology, laser treatment, facial aesthetic services or body contouring patient, you opinion matters to us and allows us to continue to deliver the best services and most advanced treatments in San Diego and the surrounding areas.

4.7 stars from 171 reviews
4.7 stars from 171 reviews
4.4 stars from 25 reviews

San Diego

5 stars from 100 reviews

San Diego

4.9 stars from 58 reviews

San Diego

4.8 stars from 229 reviews


4.9 stars from 81 reviews


4.8 stars from 123 reviews

I Love My Lips!


I have been blessed with very thin lips, thanks genetics. Finally I decided to do some research and try out a filler. A friend had hers done by Dr. Tirgari at Avalon Laser – so I made an appointment for a consult. The Dr. is great, I expected the procedure to hurt a lot more then it did. Dr Tirgari was fast and very gentle. My lips look great! It is definitely worth it! Thank you!

Quality Service


As a man, I was a little cautious about laser hair removal, but I knew it had to be done. I chose Avalon Laser based on the reviews I have read and the fact that their prices are very affordable. The treatment went great, a little painful, but I guess that is expected. Good place, quality service.

Great Place!


I initially came to Avalon Laser for laser hair removal, and had my underarms, bikini and legs done, but also ended up trying a little Botox too. Their staff are excellent and really take the time to make sure you are happy with the results. Dr. Tirgari was really sweet. He made sure I knew the cost of everything up front, which I really appreciated. He was also honest and told me that my birthmark may not entirely be cleared and was nice enough to refer me to a couple of plastic surgeons if I wanted it removed. My nurse took the time to listen and offered the ‘numbing cream’ if I wanted it. I ended up passing on it for my legs, but it definitely helped with my bikini treatment. I’m considering the Photofacial, but haven’t decided yet. Even so, I really recommend this place. The location is very convenient and the staff are great.

Good Staff. Reasonable Prices


After having gone to other medical spas, I expected to be treated the same. For once I can say that a medical spa is genuinely different enough to warrant a review. First of all, the location is beautiful. Secondly, the staff are warm and friendly and I never felt like I was being ‘sold to’. I found it very unique that the staff actually told me which treatments I didn’t need and were concerned about my costs. I really appreciated that! I have no problem recommending this place to others.



I’ve lived in San Diego all my life and being out in the sun and surfing hasn’t really been kind to my skin. But I’ve had 2 IPL / photofacial treatments at Avalon Laser for some skin problems and really like the results so far. So I’m happy with my progress.

Both Dr. Tirgari and the nurse consulted with me and I liked their bedside manner. I was at least warned that it would take some time to see results, so I’ve tried to be patient. But overall the place is great and the prices are reasonable. My only gripe is that I don’t live close by, so it takes me a while to drive through rush-hour traffic from LaJolla.

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