Microcurrent is a revolutionary anti-aging treatment that restores and rejuvenates skin quality, and performed for custom body toning.

Low-level electrical currents are delivered into the skin, at a frequency matching the body’s natural current to stimulate tissue and cellular repair.

Restoring Collagen In Skin
With Microcurrent Treatments

As the years go by, collagen loss and signs of aging in the face and neck are inevitable. Microcurrent is one of the most exciting innovations in anti-aging for facial contouring as well as firming and toning the skin. This safe, effective technology is ideal for women and men who want to maintain a healthier, more youthful look without surgery.

What Is

Microcurrent is a clinically tested therapy using a low-level current that mimics the natural current of the body. It can provide both instant and cumulative results. This treatment is so effective it is often referred to as a five-minute facial.

Why Choose Avalon Laser?

  • We offer the best aesthetic technology available in the U.S. today, using the latest protocols to achieve superior results.
  • We provide a wide range of advanced cosmetic treatments and an exceptional patient experience in a serene, luxurious, and private atmosphere.
  • Avalon Laser is a boutique, luxury, non-surgical cosmetic facility.

What Can I Expect With Microcurrent Treatments?

The procedure is virtually painless and takes approximately one hour to perform. The practitioner uses a two-pronged, cotton-tipped instrument to deliver gentle electrical stimulation to the tissues and muscles of the face and neck. A series of treatment sessions are recommended for optimal results, along with routine follow-up treatments for maintenance.

Is There Any Downtime After Microcurrent Treatment?

This procedure requires no anesthesia, no recovery, and no downtime. Most patients find the treatment soothing. Microcurrent is a natural, safe, non-invasive way to tone, heal, and rejuvenate the face.

Microcurrent FAQ's