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Microdermabrasion is an excellent facial rejuvenation treatment that can address a range of irregularities, including effects of aging, sun damage, minor acne scars and more. At Avalon Laser, we frequently treat microdermabrasion patients who come to us looking for a quick and painless solution to healthier-looking, more youthful facial appearance.

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At Avalon Laser, we offer both crystal-based microderm microdermabrasion and and diamond-tip or diamond microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion treatment is quick and painless. Most of our patients are able to return to work and other daily activities shortly after their treatment session. In order to achieve the best possible results, most patients may need more than one treatment.

Our skilled facial aesthetic service providers will let you know how many sessions you will need to get the results you are looking for. Please call 800-896-1138 to arrange your free initial consultation.

How Does Microdermabrasion Work?

Microdermabrasion involves the application of fine crystals to the face, to exfoliate the skin. Once the crystals are applied, a gentle suctioning device is used to remove the crystals, thereby, removing dead skin cells, to expose the healthy and younger-looking skin underneath. This process causes little to no discomfort, and after a few treatments, the treatment leads to improvements in health, texture and color of the skin.

Microdermabrasion also stimulates the formation of new skin cells and collagen. Diamond-tip microdermabrasion works in a similar way, except that this more advanced type utilizes a disposable diamond-tip wand that allows us to more accurately treat the sensitive skin around the eyes.

After microdermabrasion a soothing moisturizer is applied along with sunscreen. The new, healthy skin that has been exposed during the process must be protected from environmental damages as it heals. The healing process is usually completed within a few days. Some patients may experience mild redness and peeling.

Why Consider Microdermabrasion Treatments?

Microdermabrasion is one of the top choices for skin rejuvenation of our San Diego facial aesthetic patients. This treatment offers the following advantages:

  • Microdermabrasion is completely painless
  • Patients can resume all activities right away
  • It is gentle enough for skin that is sensitive to chemical treatments
  • Microdermabrasion is non-surgical and no aesthetic is required
  • Rejuvenates facial skin, giving it a fresh, healthy glow and eliminating a range of minor irregularities
  • Treatments are short, between 20 and 30 minutes

Microdermabrasion Recovery and Aftercare

Shortly after treatment, most patients will have a tight, mildly burning sensation, as if they were exposed to the sun. Some patients may peel. Any sensations and peeling will disappear within a few days, after which the results of the procedure will become obvious. Immediately after treatment and during the first week, we strongly recommend use of sunscreen to protect the skin, as well as good quality moisturizers. Our staff will provide detailed after care instructions. If you should have any questions after your treatment, please do not hesitate to call us.

Your Microdermabrasion Consultation

When you come to our office in San Diego or Carlsbad, one of our aesthetic specialists will closely examine your skin and determine whether microdermabrasion is the best treatment option for you. You do not need to bring anything to your consultation, however, we do ask that you tell us about your concerns and what irregularities you would like to focus on. For example, many of our San Diego microdermabrasion clients wish to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, age spots and/or sun damage.

Depending on the severity of these concerns, we will determine how many microdermabrasion treatments you will need. In addition, we will inform you of the best possible treatment options, should you need any, such as laser skin resurfacing.

Crystal vs. Diamond Microdermabrasion Treatments

Crystal microdermabrasion is considered a superficial ablative treatment, which helps exfoliate the upper layers of dead skin with heat, force and friction. It uses a special hand held device which delivers a high-speed flow of aluminum oxide crystals or sodium bicarbonate crystals with suction to pull off dirt, dead skin cells and used crystals.

Aluminum oxide crystals have been used to treat patients for at least 20 years and are considered the second hardest mineral after diamond. The crystals cause no allergic or adverse reactions and are even safe if they are ingested! Sodium bicarbonate crystals are an organic alternative to aluminum oxide crystals, although they are much softer and less intense as aluminum oxide crystals. Sodium bicarbonate crystals are most commonly used on patients suffering from sun damage or hyper-pigmentation.  The results of crystal microdermabrasion depend on the quality of the machine and crystals in addition to the experience of the aesthetician performing the treatment.

Diamond microdermabrasion is considered an abrasive procedure that uses a "sanding" technique via a diamond tipped wand to help remove the top dead layers of the skin. The results of the diamond microderm are dependent upon the experience of the technician performing the treatment as well as the strength and pressure applied to the skin.

The diamond tip generally does not need replacement and can be used in more sensitive areas such as the mouth, nose and eyes since there is no risk of they crystals damaging the cornea. Diamond tipped microdermabrasion is often preferred to crystal microdermabrasion since it can provide a more precise treatment and allows the operator to have more control of the number of passes and the depth of the treatment.

To find more about microdermabrasion in San Diego, Carlsbad, Del Mar and nearby areas, schedule a free consultation by contacting Avalon Laser online or calling 800-896-1138 today.