BOTOX For Bruxism

Bruxism, or unconscious teeth grinding and clenching, can be successfully treated with BOTOX. The neurotoxin in BOTOX targets the constant jaw muscle motions to relieve symptoms such as headaches, tired jaw muscles, earaches, and pain, reduces tooth damage, and has the added benefit of slimming a square jawline.

Treat Teeth Grinding?

The active ingredient in BOTOX is a neurotoxin that works to prevent muscles from contracting. Just as BOTOX injections smooth the brow, the product can help bring relief if you constantly grind your teeth while sleeping, or unconsciously clench your jaw muscles.

What Are The Symptoms
Of Bruxism?

Bruxism, or unconscious teeth grinding, has many uncomfortable symptoms, including:

  • Facial pain
  • Headaches
  • Earaches
  • Stiff, painful jaw joint
  • Broken teeth, damaged dental work
  • The development of a heavy, square-shaped jaw
What Are The Symptoms Of Bruxism?

Teeth Grinding: The Reason Behind A Square, Overlarge Jawline

Some people inherit a heavier, square jawline through heredity, but many others develop this condition due to bruxism. The constant muscle motions of the jaws lead to thickening of the jaw muscle structure, and a square-shaped jawline. Bruxism not only poses a risk of damaging your teeth, leading to dental problems, it can alter the aesthetics of your facial structure. You may have tried to resolve teeth grinding with a mouthguard – this treatment protects your teeth but does nothing to resolve the development of a heavy, square-shaped jaw. That’s when BOTOX may be your best friend.

How Does BOTOX Treat Bruxism?

At Avalon Laser, we offer our patients the most advanced treatments available in the USA, including our San Diego BOTOX treatments to address teeth grinding, and create a more attractive facial profile, while relieving the other symptoms. The BOTOX is injected into specific muscles at the jaw, (temporalis and masseter) to halt the constant contractions of the jaw muscles. The treatment requires only a few minutes to perform, with results that last up to six months before retreatment is needed.

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Why Choose
Avalon Laser For BOTOX
For Bruxism?

At Avalon Laser, every treatment is performed by a certified, trained, professional injector – a critical point in a successful treatment for teeth grinding with BOTOX. The BOTOX must be injected into the correct muscles, in the right quantity. If you grind your teeth and living with painful symptoms, or are developing a square, heavy jaw, we make the journey a positive, empowering experience, and offer an exceptional level of patient care. Your experience matters to us, and we offer more:

  • BOTOX treatments for bruxism in a luxury non-surgical cosmetic facility.
  • Treatment in a private, serene, luxurious atmosphere.
  • Treatments performed under the guidance of Dr. Reza Tirgari.
  • We use advanced treatment protocols for superior outcomes.
  • We are trained and certified to treat teeth grinding with BOTOX injections.

What Is The Treatment Like?

When treating teeth grinding, our approach is conservative. As every patient responds differently, the first treatment will be a limited number of units injected into the jaw muscles. After the BOTOX has taken effect, it can be determined how many units will be needed to help resolve constant teeth grinding. The injections are not exceptionally painful to experience, and the treatment requires only a few minutes to perform.

What Are The Benefits Of Treating Bruxism With BOTOX?

Beyond achieving relief from the painful symptoms associated with constant teeth grinding, these treatments can address the development of a heavy, square jaw, creating a more aesthetic facial profile. The continuous grinding can lead to swelling and excessive muscle development, and our treatment can assist you to have a slimmer, more angular and sculptured facial look – an added benefit our patients appreciate.