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November 12, 2014
Nowadays, laser hair removal has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments for both men and women. However, more often than not, when considering laser hair removal in San Diego, patients encounter misleading information. This is why we have decided to clarify some of the most common laser... Read More
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October 13, 2014
Summer is over and the holidays are upon us. And holidays are a time when we let ourselves go a bit among all the traveling, family gatherings and delicious meals, as well as lack of physical activity. So let’s talk about cellulite and weight gain that way we don’t fall back over the winter. Just... Read More
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September 19, 2014
Most of us deal with acne at one time or another, especially during adolescence. It isn’t a pleasant experience, but fortunately it isn’t likely to last forever – right? Not exactly! Contrary to the accepted wisdom about acne, there is a consequence of acne that can last forever and that is acne... Read More
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September 02, 2014
They say your face is your calling card. The expressions you make, your smile, laughter or frown, tell the world what you are feeling. As a human of habit, as you feel and express your emotions on your face, you tend to make same expressions over and over again. You have a certain way of smiling, a... Read More
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August 14, 2014
Living in San Diego, a very important topic comes up quite often, what is a good daily routine to prevent sun damage to your skin Sun damage is prevalent in San Diego due the allure of sunbathing at the nearly year around beach weather. Use Sunscreen The number one product recommended to prevent... Read More
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July 01, 2014
One of the most repeated questions we receive at Avalon Laser San Diego is, “Why do I need to repeat laser hair removal treatments?”. Therefore, I think this will be a good subject to share with our readers. Laser hair removal uses the standard recommendation for time between treatments. Those... Read More
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May 29, 2014
Summer is just around the corner and who doesn’t want to be hair-free when we are baring more skin. Laser Hair Removal offers the best pricing and state-of-the-art lasers to deliver optimal results.  Laser hair removal is virtually pain-less with, no downtime. For the best result we offer several... Read More
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May 06, 2014
At Avalon Laser we have many options when it comes to cosmetic facial rejuvenation.  Many of our patients prefer the immediate results of injectables such as Botox treatment and Radiesse.  We are often are asked, what is the difference between Botox and Radiesse? Botox is is a protein and... Read More
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April 24, 2014
How soon you can undergo a Botox repeat treatment is a question we get asked often at our Carlsbad Medical Spa. In general, the aesthetic benefits of Botox last up to three months, after which time it is usually safe to receive a repeat treatment. In fact, some of our San Diego Botox patients will... Read More
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April 16, 2014
A  laser hair removal treatment requires specific per-treatment preparations, which will be provided to you before each laser hair removal session. However, there are some general guidelines that you should follow before each laser hair removal session to ensure best hair reduction results. First,... Read More
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