What Should You NOT Do After BOTOX?

    While we know that your appearance is a priority, BOTOX injections are a medical procedure, and there are a few things you should refrain from in the initial days following treatment. Here is a list of things to avoid following BOTOX treatments for best results:

    • Exercise

    Exercise may be an essential part of how you live your life. You should, however, refrain from any strenuous physical activity for at least 24 hours following BOTOX injections to prevent the product from migrating to other areas.

    • Touching the area

    You touch many surfaces throughout the day, coming into contact with dirt and bacteria. Touching the treatment area not only poses a risk of spreading infection to the injection site, it also can cause the product to migrate.

    • Inversions or lying down

    Like physical exercise, lying down within the first few hours of having your BOTOX injections can cause the medication to migrate to unintended areas. Additionally, inversion postures performed in yoga classes can have the same effect.

    • Alcoholic beverages and pain medication

    Certain types of medications, as well as alcoholic drinks, act as blood thinners and can cause excess bleeding and bruising. It is best to avoid these for 48 hours following your procedure.

    • Facials

    Facials, as well as other types of skincare treatments like chemical peels, should be avoided for at least 24 hours following treatment with BOTOX. These procedures, while a beneficial part of your skincare routine, can interfere with the effectiveness of your BOTOX injections, leading to less-than-desirable results.

    • Travel

    Although there are only slight risks following treatment with BOTOX, it is still a medical procedure, and you should be able to stay in contact with your physician should you need further treatment. It is best to avoid travel for 48 hours following injections so you can contact your provider should side effects arise.

    • Photoshoots

    We completely understand how excited you feel following the rejuvenation of BOTOX. It is best to wait, however, until the medication has had time to do its work, and you see your final results. We advise that you wait a week or two to give your results time to settle into place before you schedule a time for your close-up!

    Why should I choose Avalon Laser for BOTOX?

    When choosing a practitioner for your San Diego BOTOX, there is a seemingly unending list of providers from which you can choose. Your injector, however, the most important decision you will make when it comes to BOTOX. Injections of BOTOX are done through a delicate procedure and require a keen understanding of facial anatomy, as well as an eye for artistic beauty. Knowing just how much medication to inject at which places is as much an art form as it is technique. When receiving BOTOX injections from Avalon Laser, your results will look alluring and natural, never frozen or artificial.

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