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Lip fillers are well known for their ability to provide fullness to the lips, demanding attention from onlookers. As such, they are often first on the list of anti-aging protocols for patients who want to rejuvenate themselves. While many patients are aware of the efficacy of these products, some questions remain. 

Those who are considering lip fillers will naturally wonder what will happen if they stop taking them. Some patients have received lip fillers consistently for years and are now wanting to try a more natural look. Other patients may simply want to get them for their wedding day and nothing further. In either case, patients want to know what will happen to their pout down the line. 

We have gathered some information here that can help illuminate the situation. 

What are lip fillers?

Millions of lip filler procedures are performed in the U.S. every year, yet few people actually know what they are. Lip fillers fall under the umbrella of FDA-approved dermal fillers. These products are formulated with hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally produced by the body that heals wounds and reduces inflammation. Dermal fillers are designed for injection into the top layer of the skin, providing moisture and volumizing the area. 

What will happen if I stop getting lip fillers?

Many patients assume that their skin will become excessively wrinkled and start to sag after going off of fillers. This is not necessarily the case. The effects of the lip fillers wear off over the course of several months or years, but the lips will not look much worse than they did prior to the treatment. 

As the benefits that the fillers provided fade away over time, the lip lines and lack of volume that existed prior to the treatment will return. Picking up the treatments again, however, will return all of the benefits that existed before, giving patients more freedom and options. 

Will lip lines get worse after going off fillers?

What is clear is that lip fillers do not exacerbate any existing lip lines or create new ones. They also don’t contribute to a lack of volume in the lips. While these signs of aging will gradually reemerge after ceasing the use of lip fillers, they do not look any worse than they did prior to treatment. 

Some patients believe that lip fillers lead to an acceleration of the aging process. This is an entirely baseless notion. The development of deeper lines and further volume loss in the lips after ceasing lip fillers can be attributed to the natural progression of the aging process. 

What causes fillers to wear off faster?

Patients are usually advised to follow specific aftercare directions after receiving lip injections. While these treatments come with no downtime, the steps taken following the injections can have a massive impact on the longevity of the fillers. Some ways to extend their longevity include:

Reduce sun exposure

Overexposure to UV light is one of the most common causes of skin damage. Staying protected against the sun’s harmful rays can help patients maintain their results following a lip injection treatment. When out in the sun, patients are instructed to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 45 or higher to keep themselves protected. 

Stay relaxed

Stress is known to accelerate the aging process and exacerbate any existing signs of aging. While stress is a natural part of daily life and quite difficult to avoid, reducing stress levels can have a massively positive effect on the longevity of lip fillers. A great way to accomplish this is to simply reduce any activities or responsibilities in life that induce stress. Practicing stress-relieving activities, such as meditation and yoga, can also be hugely beneficial. 

Sleeping on one’s back

 Another great way to make lip fillers last as long as possible is to sleep on one’s back. While it may seem simple, the truth is that putting pressure on the lips will cause the fillers to dissipate. If this unneeded pressure is avoided, patients can increase the longevity of their fillers by days or even months. 

What is the takeaway?

Lip fillers are an incredibly popular treatment for women all over the world. Having the ability to keep lips fuller for longer is invaluable for women as they get older. Understanding what will happen after ceasing the treatment helps patients feel more confident in their decision to receive fillers. As with any cosmetic treatment, it is recommended that patients seek out a skilled, experienced practitioner to carry out their procedure. 

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