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This is one of the most common questions being asked of beauty experts and doctors. The answer comes down to the condition of your skin, and how you experience aging. Some people start seeing facial lines develop in their early twenties, others in their thirties. The average answer for the best age to start getting BOTOX is thirty years old.

What you need to know about BOTOX and wrinkles before you dive in

BOTOX is a neuromodulator. BOTOX works by inhibiting the contraction of certain surface-level muscles where creases and wrinkles commonly form. These muscles, such as the ones between the eyebrows and across the brow are the cause of many facial lines and creases. The muscles cause the skin in these areas to fold, and that repetitive motion leads to the development of visible lines. As the skin loses collagen with time, it is less supple, allowing these lines to form.

BOTOX as a form of wrinkle prevention

Modern anti-aging options abound, but one tried and true method is the use of BOTOX – millions of men and women rely on this injectable to maintain a younger, vital look. BOTOX a long history of safety and is an easy option to reach for when considering wrinkle prevention. BOTOX prevents muscles from contracting, keeping your skin smooth and fresh. When injected before any wrinkles appear, you can retain a youthful look for far longer than nature planned for you – and why not outsmart nature? BOTOX enters the ring as a shoo-in for the most popular preventative wrinkle treatment available.

When is the Best Time to Get Botox?

Keeping your skin beautiful is a lifestyle

BOTOX is a treatment option that you can add to your arsenal of age-defying products and practices. We recommend looking at BOTOX as a treatment that can complement a healthy lifestyle and a comprehensive skincare routine. Your anti-aging routine should include:

  • Using sunscreen and sun protection
  • Keeping your skin hydrated and clean
  • Reducing stress in your life and sleeping well
  • A healthy diet of nutritious foods
  • Limited alcohol consumption
  • Regular exercise

Why choose Avalon Laser?

Our expert team of injectors at Avalon Laser is dedicated to helping you create the ultimate skincare routine. We proudly offer BOTOX as a treatment to include in your anti-aging lifestyle, so that we can help your skin to stay youthful, smooth, and vibrant!

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