Rocasea Treatment

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Rosacea is a very common chronic skin condition. There are 3 stages of Rosacea – Early, Middle & Advanced. The early stage usually looks like red blotchy cheeks (blushing) and can be as severe as open dry lesions sometimes accompanied by acne. The cause of Rosacea is still medically unknown. Some theories speculate that microscopic mites have nested in the dermis causing inflammation or skin bacteria, the location of blood vessels. An IPL Photofacial uses radio frequency and laser energy to treat the superficial blood vessels  without upsetting surface sensitivity o the skin. The treatment is safe and effective for Rosacea and is one of the most popular treatments for this skin condition. The treatment takes about 30 minutes and a reduction of the vascular lesions can be noticeably different after just 2-3 treatments.

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