How You Can Eliminate the Final Traces of Acne

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If you have gone through the pain and embarrassment of acne and no longer have active acne you very likely still have acne scars. Acne scaring can be mild to severe and is often called ice-picking due to the depth of the scars. You can get acne scar removal in San Diego to removal the final traces of acne from your body, remove the acne scars and finally put acne behind you.

Acne Scar Removal San Diego is a simple process that uses a laser and special skin treatments to encourage the growth of collagen. Increased levels of collagen minimizes skin unevenness and gives you smooth skin and clear even pigmentation.

Acne scar removal San Diego may cause redness and a little swelling of the treated skin. The after effects will disappear in a few days, but you may want to allow some time after treatments for your skin to heal and the redness to disappear.

Stop living with the scaring from acne and schedule a Scar Treatment San Diego procedure to have those final traces of acne removed. Contact Avalon Laser today for an appointment at 619.990.1138 or book an appointment online at .