How to Treat Acne with a Proper Diet

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Acne and our diet is directly related. The food that we east directly influences the insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone that directly affects the sugar in the blood and the androgen hormone. Scientists strongly believe that the fluctuation of the androgen, or the male hormone, strongly affects acne breakouts. Insulin also affects the growth hormone, which in return could affect the acne formation on a cellular level. Scientist hypothesize that a diet which causes a rise in insulin levels also causes acne breakouts. Proper diet could significantly reduce acne breakouts. A diet that has low glycemic diet rich in veggies, fruit, sea food and grass fed meat may contribute to clear skin. Vitamins, such as Omega -3 fats and fish oils act as an inflammatory agent in the body, also reducing the appearance of acne. The best step you can do is to stop eating sugar and even gluten, sugar forms bacteria and gluten and yest feed it, thereby keeping bacteria live and well in our bodies.

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