Dont Forget to Wear SPF This Summer!

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Many people don’t know the importance of using a Sunblock. There are many different products on the market it can get confusing. Let’s make it easy. First and foremost, you want a Sunblock, not a sunscreen. Just because it has a higher SPF does not make it stronger or better. You need to make sure your Sunblock has one or more of the following ingredients; Zinc Oxide, Titanium Diozide or Avobenzone. These are the only TRUE sunblockers that actually block UVA and UVB rays and protect you from sun spots / age spots also known as hyperpigmentation / uneven skin tone, hypopigmentation (white spots), skin cancer and damaging your skin to cause premature aging. Also this protects damage that can happen below the skins surface which in turn can cause many different skin conditions, one most dangerous is malignant melanoma. To find out more about Broad Spectrum Sunblock in San Diego, call Avalon Laser today. If you need San Diego sun damage treatment, call us today.

Please be sure that you purchase the correct sunblock that will keep your skin youthful and protected. There is nothing worse than to appear aged when you know you could have prevented it. Applying sunscreen is easy.