Special Offers for Our Carlsbad and San Diego Patients

At Avalon Laser, we are pleased to offer you a variety of specials. We update our specials on a regular basis, so please be sure to check back with us and see if we are offering any discounts on a procedure that you are looking for. If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Brazilian and Underarms $999.00 ($310.00 OFF)
Fractional CO2 $999.00 ($200.00 OFF)
Juvederm ULTRA PLUS XC + 10 Units of Botox $449.00 (150.00 in Savings)
3 IPL + Microderm or Medical Grade Peel $645.00

Power-Assisted Liposuction
Power-Assisted Liposuction
American Society for Laser Medicine & Surergy, Inc.
American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery, Inc.
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery


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