Who Can Give BOTOX?

Only board-certified medical professionals, registered nurses, or physician assistants can administer BOTOX. To avoid the risks of a poor outcome, ensure your injections are performed by a qualified, certified professional. Training courses and certification in BOTOX administration is an added step for providers who are committed to delivering a superior outcome – like our team at Avalon Laser.

Registered Nurses

Most registered nurses have completed a minimum of four years at accredited universities to obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing. To become an RN, they must pass the National Council Licensure Examination, Registered Nurse (NCLEX)after earning their degree. They must also fulfill any additional requirements mandated by the state.

Some nursing programs offer experience in cosmetic procedures or areas relevant to aesthetic nursing. Knowledge administering BOTOX can be gained by working with a licensed medical doctor or providing injection services at a medical spa. At Avalon Laser, our RNs have completed additional training in BOTOX, dermal fillers, and laser treatments.

Medical Doctors

It is essential that your BOTOX injections are under the supervision of a certified medical professional. Dr. Tirgari, our founder, is certified in aesthetic medicine and is a licensed physician. His experience in the field of aesthetics is above and beyond many practitioners.

BOTOX Certification By The Makers Of BOTOX

Continuing education and professional development courses are offered by the manufacturers of the products that we deliver. For BOTOX injections, our team members are trained and certified by Allergan, the makers of BOTOX. This training has provided us with a more in-depth insight into the product, how it works, and the best techniques for injections. There is a reason that BOTOX must be injected by a medical doctor, registered nurse, or physician’s assistant under the supervision of a medical doctor in California:

  • Greater safety for patients
  • More effective treatment
  • Reduced risk
  • Natural-looking results

Why Have BOTOX Injections
At Avalon Laser?

Our entire team of professionals at Avalon Laser is committed to excellence. Each of our injectors has engaged in specialized training from Allergan. BOTOX is a prescription drug and only available through a licensed healthcare provider. For a beautiful, natural outcome, your injector must understand facial muscle structure and the product itself.

Over-injection can lead to an unhappy result, and when it comes to facial procedures, precision treatment is the key to outstanding results. When searching for a BOTOX provider, watch for red flags. These could include significant discounts – counterfeit BOTOX has been discovered in the USA and these fakes could be dangerous to your health – and your appearance.

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