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The EltaMD skincare line offers proprietary products and regimens to support its basic 3-step program for improving and maintaining healthy skin:

  • Cleanse
  • Moisturize
  • Renew

It is well known and trusted by physicians, hospitals and burn centers for its products specifically designed to transition patients through the various pre-treatment and post-treatment steps of wound care.

Sun care prevention matters.

UVA vs. UVB Rays

We have all seen these on sunscreens, sunglasses, and every other type of product having to do with being protected from the sun, but what is the difference between the two? UV stands for ultraviolet and refers to the basic type of light emitted by the sun. The A and the B simply differentiate the two types.

  • UVA light penetrates the skin’s deeper layers and is responsible for most cancers. It also destroys important substances in the skin that help give it its elasticity and firmness.
  • UVB light does not penetrate nearly as deeply as UVA light and primarily causes sunburns.

Both types are damaging, although the type of potential damage, the degree of damage and how they produce the damage differ between the two.

Why you need full-time protection from UV rays.

No matter what time it is or how cloudy it seems to be, UVA rays are being emitted by the sun and penetrating the skin—even if you are not outside! UVA rays ae relentless; they penetrate your car windows, and your windows at work and at home.

EltaMD’s Broad Spectrum sun care line

The term “broad spectrum” appears on many different protective preparations, but what does it mean? The sun emits rays with a range of wavelengths. UVBs, for example, are within the 290 – 320 nm, which is much smaller than the UVAs’ range (320 nm to 400 nm). A product labeled “broad spectrum”—which includes all the EltaMD sun care line—means that it has been tested and proven to protect against the full range of UVAs.


Uses for different skin types and areas of the body

Elta has created four different categories of sun care products, with an SPF rating, ranging from 31 to 46:

  • For the Face – This includes products specifically formulated for acne-prone skin, skin with rosacea or pigmentation issues, and for post-procedural applications for all types of skin.
  • Lip – This comes in the form of a lip balm.
  • For the Face and Body – This is for all types of skin, ranging from normal to oily.
  • For the Entire Body (Full-Body) – The differences are primarily in the SPF and application method (spray, lotion, etc.)
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