Rosacea Treatment

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Rosacea is a very embarrassing condition whose cause is not clear. It is characterized by red, irritated skin. In today’s cosmetic dermatology industry, rosacea is considered to be skin irritation. Rosacea can worsen with poor diet and certain irritants. Individuals over the age of 30 and those who have very sensitive skin are usually affected by rosacea.

At Avalon Laser, we offer effective rosacea treatment options and have successfully treated hundreds of San Diego patients. Please call 619-494-3944 today for a consultation, or read the paragraphs below to learn more about rosacea and your treatment options.

Why Consider
Rosacea Treatment?

At Avalon Laser, we treat rosacea with advanced IPL therapy, also known as photorejuvenation or photofacial. This technology combined radio frequency and laser energy to penetrate deep within the skin, thereby, triggering the body’s natural ability to heal itself. A Photofacial treatment is to date the most effective rosacea therapy. Most of our rosacea patients select this treatment option for the following reasons:

  • IPL offers effective results right away
  • Within three to six treatments, rosacea is greatly minimized or completely gone
  • IPL therapy is non-invasive
  • Rosacea is an embarrassing condition that can affect the self-esteem
  • We also offer topical rosacea treatment combined with photorejuvenation
How Does Rosacea Treatment Work?

How Does Rosacea Treatment Work?

Rosacea IPL treatment is usually accomplished within three to six treatments in four to eight weeks. IPL technology uses advanced laser energy and radio frequency to penetrate into the blood vessels and tissues in skin. By applying the wavelengths to the skin via a hand-piece, the body interprets this as a minor injury and activated the immune system to heal itself.

The result is a completely rejuvenated look. IPL treatments can also address large pores, melasma, sun damage, uneven skin tone and more.

Rosacea Treatment
Recovery And Aftercare

Rosacea recovery is easy and patients can return to their daily activities right away. You are not required to stay indoors or in bed. All we ask is that you protect the skin from the sun and heavy chemicals during the healing process.

Dr. Tirgari and our cosmetic dermatology team will give you detailed instruction on how to care for your skin after photrejuvenation.

During your consultation, Dr. Tirgari will examine your rosacea and determine its severity level. This helps us determine how many treatments you will need and how aggressive your treatment plan will be.

All of our treatment plans are customized to your individual needs. Please contact us right away by completing the form on this page or calling 619-494-3944 if you have rosacea, melasma or even suffer from spider veins.

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