Platinum Peel

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San Diego woman shows glowing skin after Platinum Peel at Avalon LaserAvalon Laser’s proprietary peel is one of the most versatile and effective peels available on the market. Not only can it treat an extensive range of issues, but it is also able to do so for ALL skin types, with much lower risk than more aggressive peels that could only be used on a few skin types. The Platinum Peel is unique—not only can the proprietary and patented formula treat skin issues as diverse as loose skin, abnormal pigmentation, sun damage, acne, poor skin texture, and premature aging, it does so without risking injury to the surface.

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What is the Platinum Peel?

The Platinum Peel has a sophisticated combination of ingredients that work synergistically to target skin problems at multiple levels. This makes it as useful as more intensive chemical peels, but with much less discomfort and much lower risk. Developed by a biochemist and physician, the Platinum Peel has repeatedly proven its benefit for clients with numerous skin conditions.

If your skin suffers from fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, large pores, melasma or acne, starting with a Platinum Peel can significantly improve your skin. It can also reduce the appearance of previous acne scarring while treating any existing acne simultaneously, which provides a dual effect. Another beneficial property of the Platinum Peel is its effectiveness for melasma. When combined with Avalon’s Laser Melasma treatment protocol, the Platinum Peel greatly augments the effectiveness of this proven method to treat and reduce melasma. If you suffer from melasma, the Platinum Peel is often the first line of treatment to help initiate your treatment.

Following a Platinum Peel, the skin can experience increased collagen production, increased cell turnover, removed waste products and bacteria, opened pores and many other benefits. Peeling can take up to 7 days, during which time the skin should be allowed to peel naturally. It is also recommended to avoid sun, strenuous exercise, saunas, and anything that can impair skin healing.

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