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Woman's cheek with melasma shown before treatment at Avalon Laser Melasma is a chronic and common skin condition that causes brown to brown-gray patches on the skin. Although sometimes challenging to treat, with proper treatment and ongoing treatment maintenance, melasma improvement is possible, even if it can’t be cured. There are several known factors that have been associated with worsening melasma, including sun exposure (often the most important), hormonal changes such as pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy or contraceptive hormones, certain medications, hypothyroidism and exposure to intense heat and/or exercise that raises body temperature, such as certain types of yoga.

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Until relatively recently, the only effective treatments were topical bleaching creams. More recently, however, certain types of laser treatments have been utilized that have shown themselves to be useful to reduce or even eliminate melasma effectively.

At Avalon Laser, well-established protocols have been adopted to treat melasma successfully. Beginning with our proprietary Platinum Peel, the outer layers of dead skin are removed, which lightens melasma but also enhances the effectiveness of subsequent melasma treatments. Following this, a specialized bleaching agent is applied for a prescribed period, during which the pigmented areas are lightened and also prepared for subsequent laser treatments. Finally, a series of micro-fractional laser treatments are utilized to treat melasma and reduce the associated hyperpigmentation efficiently.

An ongoing home skin care regimen is provided to help with maintenance. This program has been utilized for many melasma patients with excellent results. In addition to this treatment regimen, it has been helpful to also:

  • Avoid sun exposure and use a high-SPF sunscreen, especially during peak sun hours (10am-4pm), even on cloudy days.
  • Avoid excessive heat and intense exercise, i.e., hot yoga or intense cardiovascular exercise as these can provoke melasma.
  • Discuss hormonal contraception options with your doctor to see if other options are available.
  • Avoid irritating soaps, scented toiletries, and cosmetics that may trigger melasma. Topical Vitamin C serum can also help if used regularly.

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